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Master the stock market with our versatile training options. Whether you prefer offline, online, or hybrid formats, our expert-led sessions provide invaluable insights and strategies.

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Engage in real-time trading with our live sessions. Led by experts, these sessions offer hands-on experience and valuable insights.

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Program Curriculum

The Program is Designed by NISM Certified Trainer 

Basics of Share Market
  1. What is Share Market?
  2. Why Share Market?
  3. Which System is in place to run smooth operations of Market? (NSE and BSE)
  4. What is share of a business?
  5. How share Market Works?
  6. What is Index and what are types of Indices?
  7. What is Candlestick?
  8. What is Time Frame?
  9. What is Primary Market and Secondary Market?
  10. Mutual Funds and SIPs and FIIs and DIIs
  11. Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis
  12. Indicators
  13. Chart Types
  14. Tradingview tools Explained!
  1. Equity: Explained!
  2. Market Depth Explained!
  3. Intraday Trading
  4. Swing Trading
  5. Positional Trading
Derivatives: (Why What and How Derivatives)
  1. Futures: Explained!
    • Why, what and how.
    • Futures Contract, Margin, Lot size, Long and Short.
  2. Options: Explained!
    • Need of Options
    • Option Exercise
    • Why traders trade in options: Speculators and Hedgers
    • Buyers and Sellers
    • All about Option Chain: Strike Price, LTP, OI, Change in OI, Volume, IV
    • ATM, OTM and ITM Options
    • Intrinsic value and Extrinsic Value
    • Implied Volatility
    • India Vix
Options Greeks Simplified
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Vega
  • Theta
  • Rho
  • Options Pricing depended on Greeks
  • Option Selling vs Option Buying
Chart Patterns
  1. Chart Patterns
Sensibull Explained!
  1. Option Chain
  2. Open Interest Analysis
  3. Multi Strike OI
  4. Live Options Chart: PCR, Long Build up, Short Build Up, Long Unwinding, Short Covering.
Trading Strategies
  1. Almost Zero Loss Options Strategies
Live Trading Demo
  1. Live Trading Demo
Generate profit from trading in share market
  1. Risk to Reward Ratio
  2. Trading Psychology
  3. Support and resistance
  4. Trendlines
  5. Fibonacci Retracement
Exam and Certification
  1. Share market proficiency bootcamp exam

Meet Your Mentor

The Program is Designed by NISM Certified Trainer 

Shridhar Pandit


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We Believe in Results

Hello, I am seasoned trader with a proven six-year track record of profitability in the financial markets.

Armed with NISM Certification and a wealth of practical experience, I've dedicated myself to sharing my knowledge with others. I've had the privilege of training more than 3000 students, empowering them with the skills to navigate the complexities of the share market.

My expertise spans from foundational principles to advanced strategies, with a particular focus on the intricacies of Intraday and Swing Trading. Join me on a journey to unlock the secrets of successful trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions asked by users 

The duration of the course is 6 weeks, and further details will be provided at the time of enrollment.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. Our certificates are industry-recognized and come equipped with a QR code and student ID for easy verification.

Don’t worry about missing any lectures. We provide access to a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) where you can catch up on live lectures. In the event you prefer attending a missed lecture offline, we’ll align you with another batch covering the same topic so you can stay on track with your learning journey.

Yes, you will have continued access to course materials even after completing the program. We believe in supporting our alumni, and access to resources post-completion can be beneficial for ongoing reference and skill reinforcement.

To secure your seat, a minimal seat confirmation amount ranging between 3000-5000 is required. This payment ensures your enrollment in the course and guarantees your place in the upcoming batch.

The course is available in Hindi, Marathi, and English, ensuring ease of understanding for all participants, even if they don't have a complete grasp of English.