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Offline Training

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive offline training sessions, designed to foster real-time interaction and personalized guidance.

Global Expertise

Unlock the world of digital marketing with our internationally acclaimed expert trainers. Drawing from over 13 years of industry experience.

LMS Access

Missed a live session? No worries! Our Learning Management System (LMS) ensures you never fall behind.

AI Integration

Experience the future of digital marketing education with our AI-driven teaching approach. Each module seamlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence tools.

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Courses Highlights

What We Offer Through Our Digital Marketing Program

Key Highlights

  • Learn From International Digital Marketing Trainers.
  • Offline Digital Marketing  Practical Training
  • Online LIVE lectures are available for long distance students
  • Master digital marketing with 30+ Modules
  • Get Industry Recognized Certificate
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Learning Management System Access
  • 20+ Real Case Studies
  • Placement Sessions
  • Free Hosting Space For 6 Months
  • Mock Interviews to Make You Ready for Job
  • 40+ Marketing and AI tools APGDM

Top Skills

  • Designing Creative and Engaging Creatives
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google and YouTube Ads
  • Website Designing
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Generative AI tools
  • Web Analytics
  • Email and Affiliate Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Ecommerce APGDM
  • Disney+ Hotstar Marketing APGDM
  • Spotify Marketing APGDM
  • Marketing Department Setup APGDM
  • Agency Setup APGDM

Job Opportunities

  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Social Media Associate 
  • SEO Analyst 
  • Social Media Content Manager 
  • PPC Executive 
  • Performance Marketing Associate 

Who Is This Program For ?

  • Freshers 
  • Working Professionals 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Students 
  • Anyone Who Wants to Learn Digital Marketing Without any Prior Technical Knowledge

Key Highlights

1) Learn From International Trainers.

2) Offline Digital Marketing  Training

3) Online LIVE lectures are available 

4) Master marketing with 30+ Modules

5) Get Industry Recognized Certificate

6) 100% Placement Assistance

7) Learning Management System 

8) 20+ Real Case Studies

9) Placement Sessions

10) Free Hosting Space For 6 Months

11) Mock Interviews 

12) 40+ Marketing and AI tools APGDM

Job Opportunities

1) Digital Marketing Intern

2) Social Media Associate 

3) SEO Analyst 

4) Social Media Content Manager 

5) PPC

6) Executive Performance Marketing Associate 

Skills You Will Learn

1) Designing Engaging Creatives

2) Social Media Marketing

3)Google and YouTube Ads

4) Website Designing

5) SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

6) Generative AI tools

7) Web Analytics

8) Email and Affiliate Marketing

9) WhatsApp Marketing

10) Content Marketing

11) Ecommerce APGDM

12) Disney+ Hotstar Marketing APGDM

13) Spotify Marketing APGDM

14) Marketing Department Setup APGDM

15) Agency Setup APGDM

Who Is This Program For ?

1) Freshers 

2) Working Professionals 

3) Entrepreneurs

4) Freelancers

5) Students 

6) Anyone Who Wants to Learn Digital Marketing Without any Prior Technical Knowledge

Program Curriculum

The Program is Designed by International Digital Marketing Experts

  1. Research Business name 
  2. Logo Creation 
  3. Instagram Post
Video Editing
  1. Installation Filmora
  2. Video Editing Basic
  3. Video Editing Advanced
Social Media Marketing
  1. Business Setup on Facebook  & Instagram
  2. Organic Marketing
  3. Facebook and Instagram Ads
    3.1 Awareness Campaign
    3.2 Traffic Campaign
    3.3 Engagement  Campaign
    3.4 Leads  Campaign
    3.5 App Promotion Campaign
    3.6 Sales Campaign
  4. Linkedin Business Setup & Basic Ad Setup
    4.1 Linkedin Advanced Ads
  5. Snapchat Business Setup and Basic Ad Setup
    5.1 Snapchat Advanced Ads
  6. Social Media Automation
Search Engine Marketing ( Google Ads & You Tube Ads )
  • Intro to the Google ads
  • Search Ad
  • Call only Ad
  • Display Ad
  • Video Ad
  • App Ad
  • Shopping Ad
Website Designing
  1. Website Design Intro and Buying Domain and Hosting space
  2. WordPress Installation and Foundation
  3. How to install and edit the template 
  4. Everything about plugin 
  5. How to create custom header and footer 
  6. Design mobile friendly website 
  7. Blogging and Page Creation
  8. Landing Page Marketing
  1. Google Tag Manager
  2. Facebook Remarketing
  3. Google Ads Remarketing
Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
  1. Main Keyword Research & Foundation of SEO
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Off Page SEO
  4. Off Page SEO and Domain Authority
  5. Local SEO and Voice SEO
  6. Technical SEO & SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis
Google Tools
  1. Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Adsense
Email and Affiliate Marketing
  1. Email Marketing
  2. Automation Email Marketing
  3. Amazon Affiliate Marketing
YouTube Channel Growth
  1. YouTube Channel Creation
  2. YouTube Channel Customization
  3. Create Playlist & Video Upload
  4. YouTube SEO
  5. Youtube Analytics
Whatsapp and Content Marketing
  1. Whatsapp Marketing
  2. Content Marketing Intro
  3. Content Research
  4. Content Format
  5. Content Calendar Creation
Freelancing and interview
  1. How to start freelancing 
  2. Simple way to get High ticket  clients 
  3. Negotiation 
  4. Pitch Deck 
  5. Quotation 
  6. Onboarding 
Whatsapp and Content Marketing
  1. Whatsapp Marketing
  2. Content Marketing Intro
  3. Content Research
  4. Content Format
  5. Content Calendar Creation
Exam and Certification
  1. Advanced Digital Marketing with AI exam 
  2. Google Certifications exam 

Master Advanced Marketing Tools

Get Ready to Dominate with Must-Have Marketing Tools!

Master Generative AI tools

Get ahead in marketing with our program's cool AI tools! They'll do the boring stuff for you and help you do better marketing. here are some generative AI tools that you will master during the program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions asked by users 

The duration of our digital marketing courses varies depending on the specific program you choose. Typically, courses range between 4 to 6 months. The exact duration and schedule details will be provided at the time of enrollment.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. Our certificates are industry-recognized and come equipped with a QR code and student ID for easy verification.

Don’t worry about missing any lectures. We provide access to a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) where you can catch up on live lectures. In the event you prefer attending a missed lecture offline, we’ll align you with another batch covering the same topic so you can stay on track with your learning journey.

Yes, you will have continued access to course materials even after completing the program. We believe in supporting our alumni, and access to resources post-completion can be beneficial for ongoing reference and skill reinforcement.

To secure your seat, a minimal seat confirmation amount ranging between 3000-5000 is required. This payment ensures your enrollment in the course and guarantees your place in the upcoming batch.

The course is available in Hindi, Marathi, and English, ensuring ease of understanding for all participants, even if they don't have a complete grasp of English.